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Senin, 16 Januari 2012

Sejarah Baju Renang / Swimsuit History

The history of swimwear makes enthralling study. Women’s swimwears have always been an intense topic in the fashion industry and there has been several changes in women’s swimwear according to the trends of the passing eras. Women’s swimwears were originally commenced with the intention of covering up certain important body parts of those women who were bold enough to bathe publicly. Since then, there have been several varying kinds and styles of the female bathing suit. It seems to be amazing to know that so much has been achieved in the swimwear with such limited choice of materials.

first Bikini

The first known use of a bathing costume was in Greece during 350 B.C. The fourth century mosaic wall was revealed depicting girls dressed in what is similar to the modern-day bikinis. However, swimwear went out of fashion after the fall of the Roman Empire when water sports appeared to be no longer encouraged and the prudish Europeans observed the sea more as a source of physical therapy than spending leisure time.

Micheline Bernardini wearing the first bikini, 1946

In today’s fashion-savvy world, buying any trendy item to keep up with the others can become appealing. Whether we spot the hippest jeans, the flashiest shoes or the newest designer dress shown in a store’s display window, we should cautiously think over the purchase. With the water parks and water sports expansion, the necessity to keep in line with the latest buzzword in the swimwear has become all the more important. It is typical for women to create a stunning impression with the latest trends in fashion swimwear. Whatever reason or purpose you have for going in the water there is swimsuit that is sure to suit your desires. Take a look on new design from Agua Bendita.
Agua Bendita Heavenly Delights

Regardless of your size, your age or your activity there will be a swimwear that gives comfort and coverage for your body. Today there is an outstanding variety and a great range of options in specialty beachwear designs. However, thinking about having a unique swimsuit can stop you from noticing a very important fact – it is YOU who makes everything you wear unique. But still, there remain a couple of things that can help an ordinary swimsuit become an extraordinary one. Appropriate fit of your swimwear is very important whether you’re small, tall or plus sized.
olympics swimsuit

You wish to be sure that your beachwear is neither too small nor too large and provides comfort, flexibility and durability.

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